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Echo park sessions with @tessanetting. We are the slayers of bugs.

Echo park sessions with @tessanetting. We are the slayers of bugs.



Buffering | Ep1 - Ep5 recap

思えば、ライカー出演の第5話は、もう1年以上も前になります、Buffering 。ようやく最終・6話の予告が出ましたので、今までの登場人物のおさらい。残念ながらライカーは出演していませんが、締めという事で。

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This is amazing!!! Thank you! Buffies rule. 

This is so coooool!

a few of my latest prints from Yosemite. Running a buy 1 one get 1 free sale on all my photography prints. Sale ends in a couple of days. Don’t miss out.

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Notice to all my storenvy customers. If you purchased a Curt/Dom print they will be signed this coming week and sent out shortly after. If you purchased others they are either shipped now or will be shipped in the next few days. So all your orders are nearly out. I apologize greatly for the delay but my printer malfunctioned and was replaced. However my prints are even more high quality now and hopefully they will be worth the wait. Also I am running a buy 1 get 1 free sale this weekend and will be adding some new prints to the store. I hope you will check them out and spread the word. Thanks again for all the support. 

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Curt Mega and Eric Carroll

—I Want It That Way


Curt Mega and Eric CarrollI Want It That Way (x)

How am I just not seeing this?!